GTD Timer

What's new in current release?

What's new in GTD Timer 2015?

GTD Timer 2012A new version of GTD Timer is a significant improvement of leading productivity timer software on the market.

The key new feature of GTD Timer 2015 is Time Report feature that allows to track all or selected runs of the software and create detailed report on the activities. Time Report feature introduced together with all new Ultimate edition of the software. GTD Timer Ultimate is the most advanced edition of the software and is must have for all users who believe that effective usage of time is the key to productivity.

List of changes and new features in GTD Timer 2015:

  • Time Report feature - creates reports of GTD Timer runs in CSV and HTML format. CSV format contains precise data up to milliseconds and is intended to use in spreadsheet software. HTML report is interactive and allows data filtering and searching with calculating totals, accuracy is up to one second.
  • Ultimate edition of the software - completely new edition with all features possible including Time Report, unlimited number of presets and Time Tracker preset.
  • Revised editions of the software. Now editions of the software have clear differences: Lite - up to 5 presets, Home - up to 10 presets, Professional - unlimited presets, Ultimate - unlimited presets plus Time Report feature.
  • Introduced new Time Tracker preset that is specially intended to track time that user spends on any event.
  • Start timer window redesigned, now it has slider that simplifies setting time with mouse or sensor screen.
  • Timer message now can be changed after timer start, as message is stored in Time Reports, this allows to write comments on your activities.

What's new in GTD Timer 2012?

GTD Timer 2012Development of a new version of GTD Timer has been guided mainly by user requests and suggestions. We’ve done a lot of improvements to make our software more user-friendly and productive while using.

List of changes and new features in GTD Timer 2012 R12:

  • Lite edition introduced. May be used at home or business environment. Limited to 10 presets.
  • Update notification mechanism implemented. GTD Timer will check for updates at each startup. Will notify user if update is available. This feature may be turned off in settings dialog.
  • Manual update check is available at settings dialog (About page)

List of changes and new features in GTD Timer 2012:

  • It is possible now to display only minutes in System Tray (Preset Settings, Tray Icon Tab)
  • Text of Tray Icon colors may reflect Time Display font color (enabled by default, Preset Settings, Tray Icon Tab)
  • New color states for Time Display window: Paused and Stopped colors (Preset Settings, Timer Window)
  • New Preset: Send to Sleep (sends system to sleep, disable hibernate mode if it hibernates system)
  • Start Timer window has been redesigned to allow time entering using mouse buttons and wheel. This simplifies and speedups starting timer.
  • User may setup Timer Window background color on a preset level. Now some predefined presets have custom background colors by default.
  • Added new display mode for Timer Window called ‘Ghost Mode’. When in this mode, GTD Timer displays itself in topmost semi-transparent window which does not intercept mouse clicks. This allows showing GTD Timer 2012 over other windows in transparent to user interaction way. To turn off this mode, access notification area (System Tray) icon menu.
  • New default alert sound is included. Now it is possible to adjust GTD Timer sound level using system Volume Mixer. You may return to old sound via preset settings.
  • It is possible now to display alert message box (configured on preset level). This feature prevents you from missing important alert.
  • Included new predefined preset called ‘Max Alert’ which displays message box and plays loud buzzer sound. You may use included buzzer sound for any other preset.
  • Now presets are referred by captions, not by numbers. This helps to reorder them without risk to lose quick access presets links and simplifies runs from command line.
  • Solved problem with high CPU usage on some slow systems. Now GTD Timer requires much less system resources to run (up to ten times less CPU).
  • When in ‘On Top’ and ‘Ghost’ modes GTD Timer is not visible in Alt-Tab menu. Accessible only via notification area icon menu.
  • When GTD Timer is started first preset settings applied automatically. Configure first preset to get desirable configuration ready to start with one click.
  • Now first Default preset has preconfigured time of 10 minutes.
  • Many minor changes and fixes.

Feel free to send us ideas for improvements which are likely to be happen in future versions of the software.

What's new in GTD Timer 2010?

GTD Timer 2010GTD Timer 2010 is a significantly revised and improved release of popular timer software proudly presented by Productivity Scientific for people interesting in Getting Things Done.

Most of changes in a new release are result of user feedback. Feel free to share ideas, report bugs or send any comments about software to us.

List of changes, improvements and new features:

  • Importance of presets significantly increased. Now presets allow very flexibly tune GTD Timer for custom needs. This includes extension of preset configuration by time and message; customized fonts sizes and colors for Timer Window and Tray Icon, as well as option to display milliseconds; option to hide Timer Window on start and restore on countdown completion; extended sounds and actions configuration.
  • List of standard presets extended. By default GTD Timer 2010 implements GTD 2-minute rule (represented by one standard preset) and Pomodoro technique (represented by two standard presets).
    Tray Icon font size is slightly lower by default and can be customized in preset settings. Default Tray Icon color is red.
  • It is possible to display time with accuracy up to milliseconds.
  • Stopwatch mode introduced. Now it is possible to use GTD Timer as Stopwatch. Stopwatch mode can be run by typing 'S' into Start Timer window time entering box or by special button linked to Stopwatch preset. Standard Stopwatch preset introduced with milliseconds display on by default and green font color in Timer Window.
  • Now actions (in addition to stopping timer) include ability to count overtime (by default on in 'GTD 2-minute rule preset'), restart timer with current preset, restart with another preset or quit application.
    Ticker sound feature added. It is possible to set time period or choose custom sound file (in WAV format) for ticker.
  • Timer Window redesigned. Name of the current preset used as window caption. Two fixed buttons with 2 and 10 minutes replaced with two "Quick Preset Buttons" A and B which are bound to presets in Settings window. This allows to launch preset with one click. Also added button with preset menu which shows full list of presets.
  • Start Timer window redesigned. Now process starts with preset selection drop-box, if preset includes time and/or message corresponding fields in window are pre-filled. Time field complemented by special button which opens new "Set Time" dialog which allows to set time without keyboard. Selected preset configuration accessible via special button.
  • Time counting accuracy improved. Now time-counting function bounded to System Clock which allows to correctly account for time spent when computer was idling or sleeping but GTD Timer was not paused.
    Stopwatch mode and overtime mode can be recognized by custom colors.
  • Tray Icon context menu now shows hotkeys and extended with new commands.
  • Left click on Tray Icon now shows/hides Timer Window.
  • Command-line mode now includes timer ID which allows to restart GTD Timer with specified ID. By default ID is equal to 0.
  • All reported bugs fixed.
  • No free version.

Visit product tour and screenshots sections to find out more about the software.

What's new in GTD Timer 2009?

GTD Timer 2009GTD Timer 2009 is an initial release of innovative software timer focused on productivity.

Major functions of the software:

  • Easy to use simple user interface with an excellent ergonomics
  • Implements GTD two-minute rule
  • Allows to countdown to any period of time as well as to any time moment within a day
  • Shows time countdown in System Tray and in a floating transparent window
  • Optimized for running multiple instances at a time
  • Optimized for ergonomics and management using keystrokes
  • Configurable to play sound, display message or run command when countdown finishes
  • Countdown may be paused, stopped or restarted
  • Supports launching from command line with command-line parameters